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  • Channel Friendly

    Our focus and success is innovation within our space.  We accomplish this by not splitting our focus between building world-class products and services and building a world-class sales organization.

    We are 100% channel driven

  • Marketing Support

    Our design team is constantly developing new and innovative ways to educate and support our channel teams.  Whether it's custom collateral, micro-sites or white-labeled services; our creative teams are polished and ready.


  • Engineering Support

    Our world-class engineers are available exclusively to our channel partners for end-to-end support.

    Design Schematics
    Product/Service Architecture
    In-person Meetings
    Proposal Creation

  • Sales Support

    Your dedicated channel contact will be part project manager and part administrator, reducing sales cycles and getting your clients to market faster than their competitors.

    Project Management
    Proposal Creation
    Pricing and Contracts
    Invoicing and Commissions

  • The idea that a medium-sized data center company like Corporate Colocation can introduce improved efficiency by an order of magnitude compared to it's competitors, in the same market, is a testament to the company's zero-compromise to innovation and quality.  Turns out, it saves them money.

    Francis Hwang - Industry advisor